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Make A Lasting Impression With The Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Jan 25, 2023 3:53:56 PM / by Wendy Barton


The unboxing experience is one of the most important factors in any modern business transaction.

In addition to providing customers with the first glimpse of the product they've been waiting for, it sets the tone for their entire experience with the brand.



BKT Logo crop 2Setting the Tone

E-Commerce has become a convenient and popular way to shop.  By clicking a few buttons, you can have almost anything delivered right to your doorstep.  The appeal of online shopping intensified during the height of the pandemic when shopping needed to be done from a distance and even today the shift toward e-commerce shows no signs of slowing.

Packaging_Carton_Envelope_PaddedAnyone that has purchased an item online knows that opening the package can be as exciting as opening a present from a loved one. 

If a delivered package only serves as physical protection for the produce inside, the experience of opening the box becomes compulsory and forgettable.

Businesses that focus on creating a memorable unboxing experience can help customers form an emotional attachment to their brand.  The package becomes an opportunity to tell the story behind the product and demonstrates the value that the sender assigns to every customer interaction.      


BKT Logo crop 2Engage Your Customer and Foster LoyaltyYoung Male Unboxing

There are numerous examples of unboxing experiences which create a whole level of anticipation.

When you open a box what will you discover and how do you engage with a customer?  A satisfied and engaged customer will be more likely to recommend you to others, and that same customer will likely call you the next time they want to reorder.

Brand loyalty is one of the most important initiatives that is being tackled today.  When done correctly, a satisfying and engaging unboxing experience can be the difference between attracting profitable and loyal clients and attracting customers who are shopping based on price alone.


BKT Logo crop 2Deliver on Expectations

A well-executed unboxing experience can always include print.  If you're not sure what to include in a box to improve the overall experience, here are a few ideas;

  • BKT Packaging Website QR Code-1Apply Branded Stickers or Recyclable Tape on the outside of the box
  • A printed Thank You card
  • A Card detailing a QR Code to enable your customer to obtain more information, contact the seller, or leave a review
  • A Leaflet or Brochure that describes how to gain the most out of the items within the box
  • A Discount Code for a future purchase

If you're wondering where to start, ensure that the packages you deliver to customers are engaging. 

Demonstrate the value that print delivers and highlight how it can influence the customer experience.

Creating an unboxing experience means offering the recipient a more comprehensive solution.



A brand should be remembered for all the right reasons.  A box that is delivered to a customer is often one of the last impressions in the comprehensive customer journey.  Packaging is frequently undervalued but equally a dynamic tool that can help a business to maximise loyalty and gain customer trust.

If you are seeking new ways to deliver added value to your brands and the customers you serve, consider thinking outside, and inside the box.


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Wendy Barton

Written by Wendy Barton

Wendy Barton, Marketing Manager at BKT – Brown Knight & Truscott, is a results-oriented leader with 25+ years of experience in driving demand, branding, and thought-leadership strategies for high-growth printing companies.