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Enhancing Printed Packaging with AI Images: Unlock Conceptual Designs

May 30, 2023 3:07:44 PM / by Wendy Barton

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In the digital age, incorporating innovative techniques to captivate consumers is vital for businesses.

One emerging trend is the use of AI images within printed packaging.  By leveraging artificial intelligence, companies can elevate their packaging designs, generate creative ideas, and create impactful customer experiences.


Let's explore how to effectively utilise AI images in your printed packaging, offering practical tips and inspiration.

BKT Logo crop 2Understanding AI Images:

AI images, generated by advanced machine learning algorithms, are computer-generated visuals that mimic real-life objects, textures, patterns, and even abstract concepts. These images can be tailored to suit specific branding requirements, adding a touch of uniqueness and creativity to printed packaging.

BKT Logo crop 2Incorporating Conceptual Designs:

AI images provide an excellent opportunity to experiment with conceptual designs. By integrating imaginative and abstract visuals into your packaging, you can create a distinct brand identity and capture customers' attention. Consider incorporating AI-generated art, futuristic elements, or dreamlike landscapes that align with your brand story and messaging.

BKT Logo crop 2Inspiring Innovation and Creativity:

AI images can serve as a powerful source of inspiration for designers and creative teams. By exploring the vast possibilities of AI-generated visuals, you can spark new ideas, unlock fresh perspectives, and push the boundaries of conventional packaging design. Use AI-generated images as a springboard to explore uncharted design territories and innovate in your industry.

BKT Logo crop 2Customising and Personalising:

Tailor AI images to align with your brand identity and customer preferences. Leverage AI algorithms to generate unique visuals that represent your products, values, or target audience. Whether it's custom patterns, personalised illustrations, or dynamic graphics, AI images offer endless opportunities to create packaging that resonates with your customers on a personal level.

BKT Logo crop 2Augmented Reality (AR) Integration:

Combine the power of AI images with augmented reality to take your printed packaging to the next level. By incorporating AR elements, you can create interactive experiences for your customers. Enable them to scan your packaging using a smartphone or tablet to unlock additional content, 3D models, or immersive storytelling, enhancing their engagement with your brand.

BKT Logo crop 2Testing and Iterating:

AI-generated images can be used for rapid prototyping and testing. Quickly iterate through different design concepts by incorporating AI visuals into mockups. This allows you to gather feedback, evaluate the impact of different designs, and make informed decisions before finalising your printed packaging.


BKT Logo crop 2Conclusion:

Incorporating AI images within your printed packaging opens up a world of possibilities for conceptual designs, creative inspiration, and personalised customer experiences. By embracing this innovative approach, businesses can differentiate themselves, create memorable packaging, and leave a lasting impression on their target audience.

Experiment with AI-generated visuals, leverage augmented reality, and continuously iterate to unlock the full potential of AI-powered packaging design. Stay at the forefront of innovation, and let your printed packaging reflect your brand's forward-thinking nature.


We have the technical team to craft and synchronise your branding with AI capabilities.   Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help your business grow.


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Wendy Barton

Written by Wendy Barton

Wendy Barton, Marketing Manager at BKT – Brown Knight & Truscott, is a results-oriented leader with 25+ years of experience in driving demand, branding, and thought-leadership strategies for high-growth printing companies.