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Creating Packaging To Make Your Influencer Gift Boxes Go Viral

May 9, 2023 10:37:58 AM / by Wendy Barton

BKT_ai_professional_studio_photography_of_clothing_influencer_g_cc710aee-1cf5-4c81-b823-8c6511157020In today’s digital age, social media plays a crucial role in influencing consumers' purchasing decisions.

It's no secret that social media influencers hold significant sway in the world of marketing. One effective way to gain exposure without incurring massive overheads is to get your brand promoted through unboxing videos. However, to make the most out of your influencer outreach, you must ensure that your gift box is of the highest quality.



Your packaging must be cleverly designed, custom-made, and carefully planned to increase the likelihood of being featured in social media posts. Imagine the impact of a post documenting the unboxing experience, showcasing the product(s) inside, and capturing the influencer's reaction after sampling or using your product! To achieve this, here are some outreach ideas for creating effective and attractive influencer gift boxes:


BKT Logo crop 2Product Placement

You can control the unboxing experience by carefully planning the product placement. Make sure that the order of the content makes sense and exceeds the influencer's expectations. The 'hero product' should be unboxed second to last, followed by a thank you note or symbol of appreciation.

BKT Logo crop 2Messaging on Influencer Gift Boxes

Include hashtags, campaign keywords, and concise messaging on your custom packaging to ensure that the influencers use campaign-specific language. Make the messaging authentic yet personal and keep it on-brand.

BKT Logo crop 2Out-of-the-Box Experiences

Integrate your packaging with a digital experience to take your influencer outreach to the next level. Incorporate QR codes on your packaging that lead to a special landing page, playlist, how-to guide, recipe, invitation, or anything that could enhance your product.

BKT Logo crop 2Photogenic Packaging

Ensure that your influencer gift box is picture-perfect as influencers' social media posts are precious. The staging needs to be perfect to make the cut.

BKT Logo crop 2Reusable Gift Boxes

Create bespoke packaging that adds value to your influencers. Packaging that is reusable is memorable, and if it's attractive, it's going to be a constant reminder of how generous you are.

BKT Logo crop 2Keep it Exclusive but Make a Goal about Impact

Decide on a quantity of gift boxes that will gain the impact you want without breaking the bank. Ensure that your campaign is exclusive and that you've picked the influencers for a reason.


In conclusion, creating effective and attractive influencer gift boxes can make a significant impact on your brand's exposure. With carefully planned product placement, messaging, out-of-the-box experiences, photogenic packaging, reusable gift boxes, and exclusive yet impactful outreach, your brand can go viral.



If you would like further guidance to creating influencer packaging then BKT can help you develop your ideas from concept to final product - for help and advice contact our client services team.


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Wendy Barton

Written by Wendy Barton

Wendy Barton, Marketing Manager at BKT – Brown Knight & Truscott, is a results-oriented leader with 25+ years of experience in driving demand, branding, and thought-leadership strategies for high-growth printing companies.